The Hymn of Death Quotes

I have been binging on kdramas a lot lately. The last one which I watched was the hymn of death. The drama was beautiful with great music. Every single detail, right from the cast to the plot was perfect. This is the kind of drama you want to save for a sad as it’ll drown you in tears. That aside, I would like to share the hymn of death quotes.

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The hymn of death quotes

Passionately, I listened to the curses put on my life. She was the only safe haven in my life besieged by devil.

The hymn of death kdrama quotes

You should leave. I will when it stops raining. I didn’t bring an umbrella.

You walked all the way here in the rain then? Well, you see.. it didn’t rain on my way here. I’ll lend you mine. I don’t like borrowing things from others.

the hymn of death quotes

Seeing you made my heart race. Because you were watching me and you might leave.

I thought I would be able to forget you and I did. However it struck me when I saw you in the audience . I had never been able to forget you.

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