The Heartbreaking Story of Itachi and His Girlfriend.

If controversy had a nickname in the narutoverse, then it would be Itachi.  At the start of the series fans poured all their hate on him only to worship him later on. Quite an irony, ain’t it? There are many questions regarding Itachi’s life that largely remains unanswered, one of them being his love life with Izumi Uchiha. Hence I decided to break it down for you guys-

Itachi was unlike any other shinobi shown in the entire Naruto series. He was a prodigy who became a genin at 5, Chunin at 7 and an ANBU captain at the age of 13. He was in fact the youngest ANBU recruit ever. What made him deadly was his Mangekyo Sharingan.

Young Itachi experienced war at a very young age. He witnessed the killing of thousands of shinobi’s and went on to become a pacifist. He was against war at all costs, despite that he was forced to monitor his clan’s activities as an ANBU member. Being a double agent was not an easy job, he had to always pick sides which meant fire on the other side. Then the day arrived when he had to ultimately choose one side and forget the other completely. He chose the village and decided to take on the whole of Uchiha clan with the help of Obito Uchiha.

Who is Itachi’s Girlfriend Izumi Uchiha?

Itachi and izumi

Itachi began the killing with Izumi and her mother, thus making it easier for him to control his emotions. But who exactly is Izumi? Let’s find out. In the canon spinoff novel Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light, we learnt about Izumi’s connection with Itachi. If you didn’t, Izumi’s mother was born into the Uchiha clan while her father was not, thus becoming an outcast like Naruto. But things changed when she met Itachi. During the nine tails attacks, Itachi protected Izumi Uchiha and quickly became friends, eating dumplings together and hanging out whenever Itachi had time for her.But, Itachi often criticized her for her sentimental nature when she told Itachi that her dream was to become a shinobi who would protect others from prejudices. Regardless, they had their moments and the best one is yet to come.

Coming back to the story from earlier where Izumi and her mother was killed, Itachi began the massacre with Izumi as he thought that this would make him forget his doubts. After slowly luring Izumi away from her home, he traps her in Tsukyoumi. She is the only one other than Sasuke who was put under Itachi’s Genjutsu.



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