The Complete List Of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Endings!

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Endings

The complete list f Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Endings.

  • Stefan agrees to work for Thakur in the office, the game flops.
  • Instead of Colin, Stefan jumps and the game is unfinished till the end.
  • Stefan visits the doctor and after seeing Netflix on his PC, he fights with the doctor and his dad.
  • Stefan kill his dad after seeing PACS on the monitor, gets arrested and the game flops.
  • Stefan tries to jump out of the window during therapy after seeing Netflix, but then Bandersnatch filming gets interrupted as jumping out of the window wasn’t scripted.
  • Stefan kills his dad, chops of his body and goes to the jail. The game isn’t released.
  • Stefan kills his dad, chops of his body and goes to the jail, but the game gets 5/5. In the future, a woman recreates bandersnatch.
  • Stefan finds a rabbit in his dad’s locker, goes with mom in  train, dies, future version of Stefan dies during the therapy.


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