That Winter The Wind Blows Kdrama Quotes

That Winter The Wind Blows Kdrama Quotes

♦ “But you, Young, became the last reason for me to live like a human being. Could I become the same to you? In this empty world, could I not become your last reason to live?”

♦ “I should have just conned her. I shouldn’t have made her fall in love with a guy like me.” – Oh Soo

♦ “Please allow me to be by your side.”

♦ “Because of her, you – who didn’t think much of life before – you who said you’ll live like trash because you were thrown away like trash… For the first time, you wanted to live like a decent person. You have to tell her that.”

♦ “To live. Do you have a grand reason? Even if I don’t have a reason to live, I live because my eyes open in the morning. Because I still breathe. Why? If a person doesn’t have a reason to live, does that mean he can’t?”

“I, who want to live, met a woman who wants to die. We are clearly very different. But for some reason… at that moment, that woman seemed like me. For the first time, I became curious about that woman.”

♦ “It always felt like she was looking at me with her whole body and heart”

♦ “For the first time, I didn’t consider my thirty years of life as being unfair. For the first time, it felt like the world was fair. I will never think of my life as unfair. Right now, I’m happy. That’s enough.”

♦ “I loved you. I have no confidence to keep you by my side and love you, but you’re not guilty for deceiving me. It was your way to survive, and I had some moments of happiness.” – Oh Young

♦ “One day, I thought, ‘Why am I living?’ No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason for me to live. ‘Why am I trying so hard to stay alive? Even if it ends, there wouldn’t be anyone to mourn me.”

♦ “You and the whole world can’t understand me. I will understand myself.” – Moo chul, That winter the wind blows


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