Talent is something you make bloom, Instinct is something you polish

Talent is something you make bloom, Instinct is something

you polish. If you’re ever lost in the darkness, follow the

compass in your heart.The future is always blank.

This is one of the most underrated quotes in the animeverse, yet so relatable. Unlike other anime, this quote speaks to the masses. Not everyone is born with insane talent. Which creates a divide between their interests and skills.

Oikawa’s Pride

In Haikyuu Oikawa is one of the best players. In the first two seasons, he was even considered the number one setter in the region.

With that being said, Oikawa had the chance to join Shiratorizawa in highschool. The powerhouse school in the Miyagi prefecture, but he didn’t. The reason being, he hated Ushiwaka and wanted to beat him fair and square.

oikawa tooru quotes

He didn’t want to swallow his pride and join them. He instead preferred to play with his friends, the ones who he cherished the most. But ultimately, like his middle school days, he was unsuccessful.

During Oikawa’s Kitagawa Dai Ichi days, Kageyama joined as a junior. And during practice, Oikawa straight away noticed the insane talent that came along. As the days pass, Oikawa once again loses to Ushijima’s Shiratorizawa. He’s frustrated by the limits of his abilities. He hated everything about it. So, he goes to his coach, who asks him this question.

Have you found the limits of your abilities? Even though your body, technique and mind haven’t been perfected?

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