8 Taboo Romance Anime You Won’t Believe Exist

8 Taboo Romance Anime You Won’t Believe Exist

February is the month of love — at least that’s what card manufacturers tell me. Let’s be basic and talk about romance, but with a twist! We’re talking about taboo.

Taboo relationships are a tricky road to travel down because they break society’s view of decency and can be illegal. They’re also a great way to kill a weekend or for making normies uncomfortable.

So, here are some of the most taboo romances you’ll find in anime — except for Kissxsis. That’s too obvious of a choice and I’m feeling hipster.

1. Recently, My Sister is Unusual

Let’s start with something a little vanilla compared to the others. We have two step-siblings coaxed into committing some incest so a spirit can get into heaven. Yep, banging your step-brother gives angels wings!

2. Candy Boy

Wew laddie, let’s turn things up a bit! Yukino and Kanade are your typical twin sisters — they read each other’s thoughts, finish sentences together, and make-out like it’s going out of style. Yep, Candy Boy is incestuous yuri — a real two-for taboo winner.

3. Super Lovers

Age-gap romances can be icky depending on how wide the gap is and how the couple met. Super Lovers follows Haru attempting to “civilize” his underaged adopted brother during the summer. Their relationship slowly advances over time — kind of like a fox waiting for a rooster to mature before pouncing.If you are looking for romance anime with good plot, you should definitely watch this anime.


4. Okane ga Nai!

Yukiya’s cousin literally auctions his ass out to the highest bidder. Kanou lovingly purchases Yukiya for a cool 120 million yen as a way to express gratitude for Yukiya’s kindness in the past or something.

Creepy, but it gets worse. Yukiya must pay back the auction fee by “earning” 500,000 each time Kanou bones him. Classic blackmail and rape aside, Kanou tries to be a good partner by “allowing” Yukiya to attend college –yay?

5. Koi Kaze

Unless you’re from Alabama, you’ve never given your sister the ol’ hungry eyes. However, you’re not Koshiro and Nanoka.

Koshiro is a 27-year-old guy with lady problems, and he instantly develops feelings for the 15-year-old Nanoka. This highly questionable attract gets even more dangerous when the two learn that they are blood siblings — they just grew up apart have never met before. Roll Tide!

6. Yosuga no Sora

Oh boy, what can we say about Yosuga no Sora? The series follows a branching format that shows independent stories of Haruka in relationships with different girls. It is similar to a visual novel in that each arc is canon based on your favorite ship — including the time Haruka slays his twin sister in bed.

7. I Love My Little Sister

This series is exactly as the title says. Yori and Iku are twins who are deeply in love, and they have struggles between their feelings and social perceptions. Infidelity, manipulation, blackmail, and lots of crying ensue!

8. Kodomo no Jikan

This is it, chief. You’d have to venture towards hentai to find anything more taboo than Kodomo no Jikan.

You have the nine-year-old Rin attempting to seduce the 23-year-old Daisuke by being unnaturally risque. I get it, sometimes kids have crushes on adults, but how many threaten false molestation claims like Rin? Even worse is how Daisuke starts to question his own feelings towards Rin as the story progresses — yikes!

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