Sword Art Online Quotes

Sword Art Online Quotes

The main reason I got stronger was so I’d be able to survive.

sword art online quotes

Sinon SAO Quotes

It’s impossible to work hard for something you don’t enjoy.

sword art online quotes

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Quotes

There is one thing I’ve learned here. To keep doing your best, up until the very end.

sword art online quotes

Sword Art Online Light Novel Quote

To tell the truth, Silica wanted to ask him to take her with him. But she couldn’t. Kirito’s level is 78. Her level is 45… If she followed Kirito to the front lines, Silica would be cut down in an instant… Even though they were logged into the same game, a wall higher than anything in real life stood between their separate worlds.

Silica bit her lip and desperately tried to hold back the emotions that threatened to overflow; two streaks of tears formed from those feelings and rolled down her cheeks… Silica wanted to lean against the black chest in front of her. But as she felt Kirito’s words spread their warmth through her bursting heart, she realized that she shouldn’t expect any more from him.

~ Sword Art Online volume 2

Did you guys enjoy these edits. Took me more than 4 hours to make this whole set. I had to collect images, organize the quotes, find the ideal font and then edit some aspects as well. If you did enjoy these please take the time to share these on Pinterest. It will motivate me to make more of these.

On a side note, Sword Art online is one of my personal favorites of all time. The intensity in an alternate reality really shook me. The romance between Asuna and Kirito, the intense battles and guild wars, everything resonated with my world of Warcraft days. For those of you who placed WoC know the feeling.

I made these quotes to inspire you guys on a regular basis. Not all of us live our dream lives, sometimes we need to struggle in order to achieve our dreams. We need to climb ladders. We need to jump over obstacles. In order to help you on that pursuit, these quotes will be really helpful. Just the kind of motivation you need when you are down. With these I hope to make a positive change in this world.

Few years down the line, we might be in a similar world. We might get to experience Augmented Reality and hopefully Virtual reality. Hopefully we get the opportunity to meet there.


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