15 Stupid Anime Characters That Push the Boundaries Of Reality

15 Stupid Anime Characters That Push the Boundaries Of Reality

Stupid Anime Characters

There is nothing wrong with a dumb anime character. They can be a source of innocent humor and their brand of stupidity can be a charming break from smart characters.

You can’t say anything bad about Akihisa Yosshi, the king of idiots.

Not these ones though. Some characters are a special kind of stupid…like the type that end up dead or make the situation worse for our heroes. Here are some of the most frustratingly stupid anime characters.

1. Kana Kimishima – Parasyte -the maxim-

You are crushing on Shinichi just because you can sense the parasite in him. You can’t tell if what you are sensing is Shinichi, and you ignore all of his warnings to stop. What could go wrong when you start trying to stalk him.

2. Goran – Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

You know that your super speed ability basically prevents you from engaging in unarmed combat. So why in the world are you not carrying a gun?

3. Raye Penber – Death Note

Go ahead and show your ID with your real name to the person you suspect to be Kira. It’s not like the FBI ALREADY KNOWS THAT KIRA KILLS BY WRITING NAMES IN THE DEATH NOTE!!

4. Frieza – Dragon Ball Super

Got wished back to life, and instead of running a galactic empire, goes on a mission to kill Goku. Why not repeat the same mistake of trying to kill Krillin? It worked wonderfully on Namek…

5. Envy – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Go ahead and brag to Roy Mustang about killing his best friend. I’m sure he’ll laugh about it with you.

6. Maebara Keiichi – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Yes, just go down into a dark basement with a self-confessed killer. Sounds like a fun time!

7. Akko-chan – Himitsu no Akko-chan

Want to become empathetic to a deaf classmate by wishing to become death and mute? Okay, you have good intentions. Run blindly into an abandoned ravine with no way to call for help? Now that is just silly.

8. Kikyo – InuYasha

Yes, go ahead and tell Naraku the exact reason why he couldn’t kill you. That makes sense.

9. Ayase – Okane Ga Nai

Sure, go ahead and trust your cousin years after he sold you to pay off gambling debts. While you’re at it, why not go into an empty storage room with a “friend” who tried to rape you? This dude…

10. Isuzu Tsumuhana – Ookami Kakushi

See a psycho killer wandering around in the forest? Forget the police, just go ahead and follow them! Better put on those cute bells too, you don’t want to be too quiet.

11. These Goons – Gurren Lagann

Oh yeah, let’s all run into the tornado of death. Maybe it will get tired of killing things.

12. Moonlit Black Cats – Sword Art Online

Look, a shiny treasure chest sitting all alone in a big room! There is only one entrance, how convenient! There is no way this could be a trap, let’s all pile in at once!

13. Retasu Midorikawa – Tokyo Mew Mew

Oh no, you’ve fallen into the ocean and are now drowning. Wait a second…don’t you have water powers, which allows you to breathe in it? Retasu always wasting everyone’s time.

14. Ichika Orimura – Infinite Stratos

What is flirting?

15. Tarou Takanashi – Shirobako

The hair, fashion sense, and never taking responsibility for mistakes. Tarou is totally a supervisor!

Who do you think are the most frustratingly dumb anime characters?

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