Boruto’s own jutsu

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I am codename #Kakashi-sensei and I am new as writer for RamenSwag. I am quite a fan of the series and I can’t wait to have fun conversations with you guys, but I am not here to talk about me. Here’s some jutsu stuff to feed your otaku souls with…



We all know Minatos epic Rasengan justu, which Naruto surprisingly (!) managed to learn in just one week. He also improved on it by figuring out how to throw his chakra style in the mix, thus creating the famous Rasen Shuriken and surpassing his father, the 4th hokage. Besides these, there are many variations and combinations (of variations) of Rasengan, which all look slightly different and have a slightly different effect.

Rasengan is passed on from Minato to Naruto to Boruto.

“Where did you get that jutsu from…?”









Byakugan and Kaiten

We also know that Hinata is heir to the famous Hyuga clan which has the Byakugan and the Eight Trigrams, including Kaiten. We already know that Himawari ended up getting Byakugan, but for Boruto, Kaiten shows more promise. Kaiten has a lot of similarities to Rasengan in that it is both using the rotation of chakra, which is released from the body.

Kaiten has the shape of a sphere. Just like Rasengan.

“Kaiten is a jutsu, which uses the rotation of chakra that is released from the entire body, to deflect incoming physical attacks.”










There is plenty of reasons to believe that Boruto will eventually improve on Rasengan even further, possibly utilizing what he can do thanks to his Hyuga blood. He might even become able to create Rasengan from any tenketsu on his body… I think it’ll be interesting to see how such a jutsu would turn out. If I remember correctly, we see Jiraiya and Naruto use Rasengan as propulsion for their boat in episode 177 of the Naruto series (NOT Shippuden). If Boruto gets creative like that I think we might end up seeing him go all over the place like avatar Aang on his air scooter in The Last Airbender… You have to agree with me it looks a lot like Rasengan coming out of his toes!

The ball of air Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender rides on looks a lot like rasengan!

“Aang on his air scooter…”


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