Is Siempre Bruja Season 2 Releasing?

Netflix’s new Colombian thriller Siempre Bruja is finally here. The series is about a young 17th century Latina witch who is transported to the 21st century. Life in the new world is hard, but can she adjust? We let you decided. That aside, when is Siempre Bruja Season 2 releasing?

Siempre Bruja Season 2 Release Date

Siempre Bruja, meaning always a witch has Angely Gaviria in the lead. The show is a combination of humor and magic. Right form the start of the series, Siempre Bruja captivated me, thanks to the Latin culture the show has built upon. So, is Siempre Bruja getting another season? As of now there has been no official announcement from Netflix, but let’s hope that it gets another season considering how well made the show is.

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