Should Older Anime Be Remade?

Should Older Anime Be Remade?

One of my favorites is Ranma ½ — I’m obsessed with the series! I’ve read the manga, watched the original anime, and even have the remastered editions on Blu-ray.

The mix of martial arts action and rom-com seems like a home run in today’s landscape, plus Ranma constantly switching between a boy and girl leads to funny (and interesting) situations! Who doesn’t love a canonical gender-bender?

I’d love to see action scenes drawn with modern techniques, and maybe they could update the world to fit into a setting — idk, I kind of love the aesthetic as is.

It’s a shame newer fans don’t give Ranma ½ a chance since it’s older, and I’m sure die-hard fans would love to see a non-filler ending in the anime.

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