Is Shin Uchiha Shisui’s son?

I get pretty interesting questions from otakus and this is one of them. Shin Uchiha appeared in Naruto Gaiden. He possesed the powerful Sharingan and many incredible abilitites. But the question here is, is Shin Uchiha , Shisui Uchiha’s son? Let’s get the facts right!uchiha shin

Uchiha Shin is not the son of Shisui Uchiha, he is not even an Uchiha. He ‘s a product of one of Orochimaru’s experiments just like Captain Yamato. He adopted the name Uchiha as he had sharingans all over his head. The children who called the hoodied man on the clifftop father are actually the clones of original Shin. Though he referred to his clones as ‘sons’ , has no fatherly love for them, he just considered them as a byproduct. This can be seen in the manga where he uses one of the clones as a shield to protect himself from Sasuke Uchiha.

On the battlefield Uchiha Shin follows Orochimaru’s principles,  that is resort to any sort of dirty tricks in order to win. An example of this, is the fight between Shin Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha, where Shin attacks Sarada and sasuke ends up protecting her with his body.

What’s funny about Shin Uchiha?

The funny thing about Shin Uchiha is that, he idolised Itachi and followed all his principles. Hence, he hated Sasuke for killing him and wanted to take revenge on him ,but we all know the fact that Itachi actually played it out. He also wanted to revive the Akatsuki and wanted to create a war. After I came to know about this I was like-

sasuke's evil laugh


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