Shichisei no Subaru Review

Shichisei no Subaru Review

It looks like a amalgam of Log Horizon and Anohana.

Do you love Log Horizon‘s MMORPG setting?

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Have a thing for Anohana‘s emotional tale of moving on from a personal loss?

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You might want to follow Shichisei no Subaru!

Shogakukan’s Gagaga Bunko imprint announced that Noritake Tao and Booota’s light novel series is getting an anime adaptation.

Shichisei no Subaru has been serialized since 2015, and the emotional story blends elements from Log Horizon and Anohana. The globally popular MMORPG Union was home to a party called Subaru, which was made up of childhood friends. These gamers dominated ‘Union’ and rose to fame thanks to their skill using the Sense System. Tragically, one of their members died inside the game, which prompted Union to shut down.

Six years later, former Subaru member Haruto Amo has become an outcast in high school. He has never been the same since his friend’s death, but a classmate gets him to log into Re’Union, which is a spiritual successor to Union.

Haruto is shocked to meet his former party member Asahi Kuga. She supposedly died in Union, which makes Haruto think her appearance is a cruel glitch. But, Kuga seems to act like her original self. This event causes a rush of emotion and prompts Haruto to attempt to bring the surviving members of Subaru together for Re’Union.

The ongoing light novel series has six volumes so far, which gives the anime adaptation plenty of material to work with. Shogakukan will announce more details about the adaptation at a later date.

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