What Happens To The Offspring of a Sharingan And Byakugan user?

According to him, the right eye will have the Sharingan while the left will be possessed by the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan.

While Masashi Kishimoto makes sense, we can further validate the answer from the fact that Sarada Uchiha posses both the Sharingan and the monstrous strength of Sakura.


One case I want to look at particularly here is the case of Inojin, while many argue that he’s a combo, I completely disagree.

The reason is, even though the artistic instincts were passed on to him by his father, it’s not a  Kekkei Genkai.

Also, Ino’s clan techniques are classified as Hidden Techniques which use Yin-Yang release which are taught and not passed via genetics.


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