Sex Education Soundtrack Compilation

I recently finished binge watching Netflix’s all new show Sex education and I gotta admit, the show goes above and beyond in not just addressing issues teenagers face today but also in comedy. The combination of Asa Butterfield and Ema Mackey added a lot of spice to the series and hopefully we get to see another season of sex education.

The show has a number of good songs so I have compiled them for you, and I’ll keep on updating the list on a regular basis. So watch out for more.

Ezra Furman – Love You So Bad

Ezra Furman- Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Official)

Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself

A Flock Of Seagulls

Over to you, what was your favorite scene in the whole series? Also did you like the Sex Education Soundtrack Compilation? Do let me know about it via the comments section.

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