Sex Education Season 3 Quotes

It’s called rimming.

sex education quotes

Where’s the spunk ‘Adam’?

sex education quotes

Love isn’t about grand gestures, or the moon and the stars. It’s just dumb luck. And sometimes, you meet someone who feels the same way.

And then, sometimes, you’re unlucky. But one day, you’re gonna meet someone who appreciates you for who you are. I mean, there’s seven billion people on the planet. I know one of them is gonna climb up on a moon for you.

This show had everything. An amazing cast, wonderful script, a theme and not to forget it was an American show with British accents, which was pretty awesome in my opinion.

On a personal note, I enjoyed every bit of the show. From the comedy to the plot, the story was beautifully woven. They were able to address issues in a manner which was fun and not boring.

Over to you, did you guys enjoy the series? Do let me know about it in the comments.

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