Sex Education Season 2 Release Date, Future Plot and More

Netflix’s latest original Sex Education is unlike any other series, considering the fact that there’s a new release every three days. The original tackles the topic of sex education unlike anything else. The humor clubbed with seriousness removes the taboo around the much needed topic.

Sex Education Season 2 Release Date


The story revolves around Adam who gets his sexual issues resolved via live chat with Otis. So Maeve comes up with a plan to start a sex therapy business in their school. Kinda corny, ain’t it? But it isn’t. The show has been brilliantly directed with the right amount of comedy. All credits to the directors and producers for this wonderful show.

Will Netflix’s Sex Education be renewed for a second season?

Many good shows have gone by without being renewed including Marco Polo and Daredevil. So much so that, there are petitions running for the same reason. That aside, Netflix looks at a variety of things when it comes to renewals, the number of people watching, for how long and lot more. As of now, there has been no official confirmation regarding the renewal of sex education season 2 on Netflix. Let’s hope that we get another season as the show was too good.

That aside, Netflix has once again proved why they’re the number one streaming service. Beating all odds and taboo, they bought out Sex Education and turned it into a comedy. As a long term Netflix fan, they have my salute. Earlier in December, they came out with Bandersnatch which integrated gaming capabilities into a show, something heard of but never done before. In the coming weeks, they’ll release Kingdom, a korean zombie series. So, there’s a lot to get excited about this year.

What do you think of Netflix’s sex education? Did you find it interesting? Do let me know about it via the comments section.


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