Seven Deadly sins Season 4 Release Date, Future Plot and More!

Will Netflix Renew Seven Deadly Sins?

As of writing this, Netflix hasn’t renewed it for another season. But hopefully they will, considering the fact that the anime had a movie recently and there’s more coming. Personally I cannot I find a single reason why Netflix wouldn’t renew it for another season as it is one of best anime on Netflix. Right from the intro to the music, everything is amazing about the seven deadly sins.

But if there’s one thing that bothers me then it’s the fact that it took three years for the third season to come out. So, let’s hope that we get the fourth season of nanatzu no taizai in 2019.

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Is the movie related to the plot?

This is something most anime get wrong when it comes to movies. They release a movie, only to realize that they don’t have an option to fit it in the ongoing series. The movie takes place after season 3 but we don’t when, also the seven deadly sins were separated during the end of the season, so it’s further confusing. As of now, we don’t know much but let’s hope that the contrast is not too much.


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