7 Inspirational Selection Day Quotes Absolutely Worth Sharing!

  • We must support each other. We must go forward together.
  • Revenge is the capitalism of the poor: conserve the original wound, defer immediate gratification, fatten the first insult with new insults, invest and reinvest spite, and ke waiting for the perfect moment to strike back.
  • Oh I actually read Indian novels once in a while. But you know, Ms Rupinder, what we Indians want in literature, at least the kind written in English, is not literature at all, but flattery.
  • We want to see ourselves depicted as soulful, sensitive, profound, valorous, wounded, tolerant and funny beings. All that Jhumpa Lahiri stuff. But the truth is, we are absolutely nothing of that kind. What are we, then, Ms Rupinder? We are animals of the jungle, who will eat our neighbour’s children in five minutes, and our own in ten. Keep this in mind before you do any business in this country.
  • We can’t afford to waste a single day. Time is really precious.
  • We need to not just focus on our skill set but our inner game as well.
  • Bullying the scourge of our times. It is cowardly. It breeds ugly people. It poisons the society and it runs counter to everything we believe here at Weinberg.

I hope I was able to share most of the quotes with you guys. If you have more quotes to add, do let me know about it via the comments section below. Also, did you enjoy watching the first season of Selection Day? Are you expecting a season 2 of selection day? If yes, what do you think will happen to the fate of Manju? I’d like to know more about it as well.




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