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Seishun Buta Yarou Wa Bunny girl senpai Light Novel Quotes

  • A rumor is kind of like the atmosphere, isn’t it?
  • The atmosphere labels you as a bad person if you can’t read it, and the people creating the atmosphere don’t have a sense of it. So, it’s foolish to try to fight it.
  • So, you’re leaving misunderstanding be, and giving up even before fighting?
  • Don’t go about doing weird things while thinking about me.

The anime was released in the fall of twenty eighteen. It was adapted from Seishun Buta Yarou Wa bunny girl senpai light novel. If you are looking for a slice of life anime, then this is the perfect anime.

It has complex theories, romance and lot of spice. In a way it is similar to Hyouka, also the main character is a total loner who became an outcast due to false rumors about him on the internet.

Azusagawa, a victim of adolescence syndrome decides to help Sakurajima Mai with similar problems. The anime takes a different route in every episode with complex theories like Schrodingers cat among others.

If you are looking to move from Shounen, then this anime is for you. If you are still not convinced I’ll give you five more reasons on why you should watch this anime.

  • There is lot of spice and chemistry between the characters.
  • The romance is just right. When I say just right, I mean there’s nothing cheesy but good enough to make your heart melt.
  • The anime is funny as hell, the humor has been mixed in well.
  • The self depreciation humor is on a manageable level, making it just right.
  • The story revolves around complex scientific theories and their applications. The author did a good job when it came to the concepts.

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