10 Kickass Facts About Sasuke Uchiha Worth Knowing!

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He’s seen both the darkness and the light of the world, he surely is hated for causing much trouble to both Sakura and Naruto,but you can’t blame him either, after all that he’s been through.

Yes, you guessed it right, I’m talking about Sasuke Uchiha, the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan.

At a very young age Sasuke was all by himself and went through lot of trauma because of the Uchiha clan massacre.

But he didn’t give up, just like Naruto he trained hard even though it was through evil means, he worked his ass off to achieve enough power to kill his brother. When he finally did, he realized all of it was a mere Genjutsu.

He’s been through enough trouble we all know that, but how much do you guys actually know about Sasuke Uchiha? Not much, I’m pretty sure! So here are 10 facts about Sasuke Uchiha worth knowing-


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