Romance Anime With Handsome Male Lead

Romance Anime With Handsome Male Lead

Who doesn’t love a good romance, and there is any season that encapsulates the feeling more than fall? From rom-coms to ecchi to pure romances, here are the series that genre fans will love!

Here are 11 romance anime with handsome male lead-

1. A Sister’s All You Need (Imouto sae Ireba Ii.)

Studio: Silver Link

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Premiere: October 8

Quick Pitch: Itsuki is a 20-year-old siscon novelist who has published 20 books in 5 years. The series chronicles his life with his perfect little sister, a genius writer who loves him, a big-sister type college classmate, and his editor.


2. My Girlfriend is ShoBitch (Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken)

Studio: Diomedéa

Genre: Comedy / Ecchi / Romance

Premiere: October 12

Quick Pitch: Haruka Shinozaki is an ordinary high school boy. He gathers every ounce of courage and confesses his feelings to the beautiful and diligent class representative Akiho Kohsaka. To everyone’s surprise, Akiho accepts to date Haruka. She approaches their relationship with great intensity, despite having no previous experience, which makes Akiho uncharacteristically sexual.


3. Code:Realize: Guardian of Rebirth

Studio: M.S.C.

Genre: Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Premiere: October 7

Quick Pitch: Cardia’s body carries a deadly poison that melts anything she touches, prompting people to label her a monster. One night, she meets a man named Arsène Lupin who leads her to Industrial London. Once there, Cardia begins to uncover truths about her father and lost memories.


4. Alcohol is for Married Couples (Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara)

Studio: Creators in Pack

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 4

Quick Pitch: Chisato is a reserved, but an excellent assistant manager in her company. However, Chisato has a secret that only her husband knows and that is she enjoys drinking alcohol.


5. Sengoku Night Blood

Studio: Typhoon Graphics

Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Premiere: October 3

Quick Pitch: The world of Jinga is home to beings called Getsugazoku, which are soldiers who can turn into creatures like vampires and werewolves. Soldiers from different species are constantly fighting and spreading chaos. However, Hime Miko finds a girl who possesses the power to awaken their true forms.


6. My Marriage Interview Partner is a Student, Strong, and a Problem Child. (Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji)

Studio: Seven

Genre: Ecchi / Romance / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 2

Quick Pitch: The forbidden love story is about a problem child named Shuuji Kuga and his teacher Nana Saigawa. If you are looking for a romance anime with a handsome male lead, you should definitely watch this anime.


7. We Have Always Been 10 cm Apart. (Itsudatte Bokura no Koi wa 10 Centi Datta.)

Studio: Lay-duce

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

Premiere: November 25

Quick Pitch: A collection of vignettes about high school students and their love lives.


8. Just Because!

Studio: Pine Jam

Genre: Drama / Romance

Premiere: October 5

Quick Pitch: The third year of high school is coming to a close for four students. Their seemingly easy graduation becomes complicated once an old friend suddenly transfers in during the closing months. All of a sudden, their emotions explode.

This is the complete list of romance anime with handsome male lead ( or) romance anime with hot male lead. Which other romance anime has handsome male lead? Do let us know about it via the comments.

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