Romance Anime Movies With Happy Ending

Romance Anime Movies With Happy Ending

Get ready for a new slate of anime movies that will be debuting during the coming months! Some of the movies are having international screens, or if you visiting Japan, you can stop by to watch them on the big screen.

Here are the best romance anime movies with happy ending.


1. The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars

Studio: 8-Bit

Premiere: June 16

Quick pitch: The movie follows an original story written by series creator Tsutomu Satou. It follows siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki on their spring break. They venture to their villa on Ogasawara Island, but are greeted by a mysterious girl named Kokoa. She has abandoned the National Defense Navy’s base to tell Tatsuya her wish.


2. Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Departure Chapter

Studio: Xebec

Premiere: June 23

Quick pitch: The 2nd of 7 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 movies, which serves as a direct sequel to Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

A peace treaty between Earth and Gamillas ushers in a tranquil era. Earth has begun its reconstruction, and the joint military forces between the worlds form an intergalactic defense fleet that is led by the ship Andromeda. Earth’s military expansion is against the wishes of Starsha Iscandar, but a new threat called the Gatlantis leads to combat orders for the Yamato crew.


3. Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Studio: Studio Ponoc

Premiere: July 7

Quick pitch: Mary is led by a black cat named Tibs to a strange flower. After arriving, she finds a magical broomstick that whisks her to Endor College, which is supposed to be a training ground for witches. Instead, headmistress and a colleague have been testing transformation spells on animals, which has led to deformed abominations.


4. No Game No Life: Zero

Studio: Madhouse

Premiere: July 14

Quick pitch: The story is a prequel that adapts volume 6 of the light novel. It takes place during The Great War, which occurred 6,000 years prior to the events of the anime. It follows an 18-year-old human boy named Riku and an ex-machina girl named Shuvi.


5. Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

Studio: OLM, Inc

Premiere: July 14

Quick pitch: The movie is a retelling of the anime’s first season. Ash has dreams of becoming a Pokémon master, but he is having trouble connecting with Pikachu.


6. Gekijouban Seitokai Yakuindomo

Studio: GoHands

Premiere: July 20

Quick pitch: Ōsai Academy is a former all-girls high school that has become co-ed in an attempt to combat declining birth rates by fostering opposite sex interactions. Takatoshi Tsuda is one of the first boys to attend the academy and is forced to join the student council as the sole male representative. What Takatoshi does not expect is that all the other representatives are perverts.


7. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection

Studio: Seven Arcs

Premiere: July 21

Quick pitch: A pair of researchers stay on their dying planet with their daughters, Amitie and Kirie. They hope to revive the planet, but when the father Granz falls ill, all hopes seems to be lost. Not wanting to give up, Kirie seeks her friend Iris and asks for help to find an alternate world. They discover that Earth holds the key to their planet’s recovery and ask Nanoha for help.


8. Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? 

Studio: Shaft

Premiere: August 17

Quick pitch: An anime adaptation of a live-action film. Norimichi, Yuusuke, and Junichi are schoolboys who want to view a fireworks display from the lighthouse to see if the fireworks look round or flat when watched from the side. While making plans, a girl named Nazuna devises a scheme that may tear the group apart: she promises to run away with the winner of a contest between Norimichi and Yuusuke.

9.Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Oath Under Snow

Studio: Silver Link

Premiere: August 25

Quick pitch: Five years prior to the events of Oath Under Snow, Shirou took Miyu into his old household and they have been living like siblings, but their peaceful life is shattered after Julian’s appearance. Miyu was once known as the Child of God and could grant any wish, which is a power Julian seeks. With the world’s end approaching, Miyu must make a sacrifice worthy of the Holy Grail, but Illya is foolish enough to try to save both Miyu and the world.

Are you hyped for any of these upcoming movies?

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