Who is the mother of Sarada?

Hey, I just wanted to confirm something. Me and my friend and had a fight and he told me that, Sarada’s mother is Karin and not sakura. I argued that it’s Sakura but I had no concrete proof either. So I just wanted to clear this doubt. May I know who izz sarada chan’s biological mother. 


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Sarada Uchiha is one of the most promising genin in the new Naruto arc, Boruto the next generations. With monstrous strength and the sharingan, she’s definitely the next badass in the series. Regardless, there are many unanswered questions surrounding her, the biggest being whether she’s the biological daughter of Sakura!

When little Sarada sees her friends bonding with their dad, she gets upset as her dad’s not around. Hence, she asks her mother, which leads to the demolition of her little home. Despite that, she goes inside to collect important things from her home, one of them being her dad’s picture. And guess what? What!! She ends up stumbling upon Sasuke’s picture with Karin and rest. Now comes the real question, is Sakura really Sarada’s daughter or is it someone else?

This leads to her going on a journey along with Cho-Cho, to find out about her mother. She meets Sasuke, who fails to recognize his daughter. This agonizes her, but Sasuke doesn’t like being nice. Not then, not now! So let’s get back to the main question-

Is Sakura Sarada’s biological mother?

As of now, it’s official that Sakura is Sarada’s biological mother! How ? In chapter number 700+10, Karin herself says that she was the one who delivered Sakura’s baby. That my friend is the answer to your million question.
I hope I was able to clear all your doubts regarding this particular topic. Looking for more answers? reach out to us via the contact page or through comments.

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