Professor Quotes Money Heist

Professor Quotes Money Heist

Money Heist is one of the best heist shows of all time. The intensity, plot clubbed with the characters make it worth watching. After two brilliant seasons, Netflix renewed it again. And they did their magic again.

Money Heist’s fourth season was brilliant. Beyond words if you ask me. With that being said, one of the main reason the series is such a hit is because of the characters. Every single character has a special trait separating them from the rest. Among them, there was one character that stood out.

The Professor. The mastermind. The brains behind all the operation. He knew what was best for any situation. How to motivate the team when needed.

On top of it his dialogues inspired. Which is why, we decided to make these amazing quotes. Hope you guys like them. I’ll add more of these in the future.

Deep Professor Quotes Money Heist

The only thing we need to buy is time.

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