Pokemon GO KO! MMA Fighter Catches Opponent In Poke Ball After Victory!

You must have heard of Pokemon Go, the highly addictive Augmented Reality game, if you haven’t you are living under a rock! Pokemon go is an online game which let’s people catch pokemons in the real world, train them and battle with other Gym leaders. What’s interesting is, just like their previous game ingress all the locations on the map are accurate. A lot of things have been making headlines related to pokemon go, some of them are an Animal shelter asking pokemon catchers to take rescue dogs with them while hunting for Pokemons  , finding them in the most hilarious places, for example Abra sitting on a toilet , and on finding Legendary Pokemons in Pokemon Go  and so on! The list is endless, but the recent one is the most hilarious of all, Page an MMO fighter threw a pokeball at his opponent after he knocked him out with a single KO! Hilarious as hell! I hope you’ve had more than enough laughter today, anyways I need to go as I Gotcha’ catch them All!

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