Pokemon Appear In The Most Hilarious Places; Here Are The 9 Most Hilarious Of All!

Pokemon Go, the game has set the world on fire, from accidents to pranks, there is no end to the craziness the game has delivered. Technology enthusiasts often talked about AR and this is a sweet implementation of Augmented Reality and what’s ahead. Within a week, the game managed to get more downloads than Tinder has achieved in 4 years on Android. Now, that’s something! As the game reached more people, funny pictures of pokemons at different places started to surface on the internet, thus increasing the madness, Let us take a look at some of the best pictures-


What do you think of these pictures, they sure are awesome. Aren’t they? If you too have such pictures, do post it in the comments section, we’ll make sure everyone sees it. Also, if you liked this post, share with your friends and give them a moment of laughter 🙂 Sharing is sexy

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