11 Motivational Park Chanyeol Quotes Absolutely Worth Shipping!


After a record breaking magazine cover deal, famed k-pop star Park Chanyeol will be seen on Netflix’s new original Memories of Alhambra, which is slated to release on the first of December. The EXO rapper will plays nerdy role as a programmer, who is trapped in his own alternate reality world. To add to it, Chanyeol’s character is close to his sister, and she’s the only person he communicates with due to his bitter experiences as a child. In wake of this plot, I decided to throwback some of the most inspiring chanyeol quotes.

#1 Chanyeol Love Quotes

You’re too young to be so unhappy

chanyeol quotes

#2 Chanyeol Funny Quotes

My charms are my low voice and my nice teeth

chanyeol quotes

#3 Inspirational Chanyeol Quotes

No matter how hard it is, I always smile like an idiot.

chanyeol quotes

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