On My Block Season 3 Quotes

On My Block Season 3 Quotes

On my block season 3 finally released on Netflix. The series finished with a cliffhanger in the ending, not to forget how Oscar decided to take back control of his life.

But more than anything, this season showcased Oscar in a new light. Something which wasn’t don previously. With that in mind, I decided to share some of the best on my block quotes.

I hope you like them. I’ll add more of these in the future. So keep checking the thread.

On My Block Love Quotes

I think about you all the time. Do you ever think about me?

All the time.

on my block season 3 quotes

Cesar On My Block Quotes

You’re gonna go off and be a famous writer someday. Ruby’s gonna follow his brother and go to some fancy college.

Jamal, he’ll figure things out and get out.

But this life, it’s my destiny. My family crest is and will always be a gang sign. It’s too late.

on my block season 3 quotes

Monse On My Block Quotes

So? We’ve been doing a lot of things we’ve never done before.

Friends don’t slow dance.

Especially friends dodging rumours they’ve smashed.

on my block season 3 quotes

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