Oikawa Quotes

Oikawa Quotes

Oikawa is one of my all time favorite Haikyuu character. His grit, passion, and dedication is what made him who he is.

A man full of pride, but gave it his all on the field. He flaunted his wings everywhere and took on every single challenge thrown at him with a positive outlook.

From an anime POV, he really is an inspiration. Despite being average compared to the rest of the characters, he gave it his all.

Which is why I love him. So, I decided to make Oikawa Quotes. I hope these quotes inspire you like they did to me.

For starters, let’s begin with Oikawa’s pride quote. Which he says to Ushiwaka, after his team lost to Karasuno in the inter high tournament.

Oikawa Tooru Quotes

Don’t you ever forget my worthless pride.

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