13 Kickass Facts About Noragami Worth Knowing!

If you look around when you are needy, you might see a strange phone number scribbled in red. If you dial this number, you will be greeted by a young man(not so young, you’ll know why!) calling himself Yato God. Yato is a minor deity who dreams of having millions of worshippers, but alas he doesn’t have a single shrine to his name. He spends majority of his day doing odd jobs for cheap as five yen. Things change when he meets Iki Hiyori who shovers more than enough love on him, changing his destiny altogether. That’s how much we know about Noragami. What else do we know about it? Not much I’m pretty sure. So let’s know more about Noragami-

#1 The character 雪 (“yuki” in kun’yomi), has an alternate reading (on’yomi), “setsu.” Sekki (雪器) is a combination of this alternate reading with the character 器 (ki)


#2 You can’t blame him for this!

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