“There Are No Shortcuts To Becoming Hokage! “

The first lesson we learn from Naruto, “There are no shortcuts to becoming hokage!”, seem like a slat that makes us “wake up” to the reality as early as possible. After watching just the second episode, we know, unconsciously, that our lives too are not going to be easy. I watched several episodes of Naruto as a kid, back then it was just a funny thing with lots of martial arts and fights whitch I love to watch. But then, on the third year of university, I started watching Naruto out of curiosity and I am really happy that I did. Then I read the manga, twice. Naruto, I believe, is the best piece of literature written in the last 50 years at least.Here we learn everything, how to live, how to be a friend, how to be loyal, how to love, how to die as a hero. We learn that it’s not about how strong you are or weather you win or lose; it’s rather about how you live and what kind of person you are. Bonds and relationships are that what counts.We learn that enmity doesn’t always mean hatred (fight with Zabuza and Haku); nor does friendship always mean getting along (Jiraiya and Tsunade vs Orochimaru); actually friends can fight against each other in a life and death fight (Naruto and Sasuke; Madara and Hashirama); we learn that appologizing is the best way of settling problems (Hiashi and Neji; Hashirama); self-sacrifice becomes the thing of our admiration (Itachi); we learn that there is nothing wrong in crying and that even the strongest ones cry from eithr happiness or sadness (Gaara; Naruto). One of the major themes is compassion which, together with Naruto, we start to feel towards almost every villain, because we now know that they also have things that hurt them and that behind every bad guy is hiden a tragic story. Truly interesting thing is Neji’s position, here we learn what does ‘free will’ mean, we see that sometimes it can mean – fully accepting the duties and devoting yourself to them even if they are inevitable, if you accept them from your own free will, you will acquire inner peace, peace with yourself.
Except for lessons we find people who are like us, or the people we would or wouldn’t like to be like (mine is Jiraiya in both cases). We have them as our examples either positive or negative. Naruto is like a psychology encyclopedia, we found every kind of personality and we learn how to deal with those different kinds how to behave with them.
But the biggest lesson and, I think, the message of the author is said by the greatest character of them all – Itachi, the greatest philosopher, the truest patriot, one of the most kindhearted characters and a person whom our world is not worthy of.
This lesson is:

“Don’t forget your friends!”

and then “I once tried to do everything myself and I failed.”

So just as our dear Neji didn’t die, because he was never fergotten in hearts of his friends, Naruto can end (and must end), but he will still exist and live on in the hearts of his fans, who

“never forget their friends”.


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