13 Netflix The Witcher Quotes Wallpaper Absolutely Worth Sharing!

Netflix The Witcher Quotes Wallpaper

This has been a wonderful year in terms of movies and series. We saw Jinn, Stranger things got another season, but the one that stood out certainly has to be ‘ The Witcher’ . 

I just can’t stop thinking about it, despite finishing it ten days ago. The series captures your mind like none, and leaves you wanting for more.

I was about to make edit some quotes, but stumbled across these edits by @MagicalQuotes on Twitter. So, I thought, why not share them on here. After all, the series has some of the best quotes.

Hopefully, you like them. If you do make sure to follow magicalquotes on twitter.

The Witcher Quotes About Destiny

You can’t outrun destiny just because you’re terrified of it.

–  Mousesack Quotes

The witcher quotes about destiny

Jaskier Quotes

Destiny is just the embodiment of the soul’s desire to grow.

Geralt Quotes on Destiny

Destiny helps people believe there’s an order to this horses***. There isn’t.

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