This Neji tribute will make you cry for sure!

Neji Hyuga, the first time I saw him,  I thought of him as an arrogant little brat with super visual powers. He was full of pride when he was fighting Naruto, but in the end he lost and that was the fight that changed his life. He came to know about his father actual story! During the Sasuke retrieval mission he fought Kidomaru with everything he had even though he was a Genin. Neji, no longer was a hapless figure to me, he was someone whom I looked upto just like Naruto and Sasuke. What pissed me off is the fact, there was no increase in his abilities in shippuden, even though Naruto and others had grown. I still don’t understand why! In the end, Kishimoto gave him a hapless death and I feel pissed at that fact. Like seriously?Dieing with a needle to protect Naruto? After all we’ve seen I think he deserved to live, after all he is the only one who died among the squad! Anyways, this Neji Hyuga tribute will bring tears to your eyes, make sure to watch it 🙂

Neji’s final words

Father I finally understood your feelings…the freedom you felt when you chose to die to protect your friends

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