This Naruto vs Sasuke tribute will surely bring back memories!

Naruto and Sasuke, two of the most powerful shinobhi’s of all time. They surely bring back memories, as the fillers are never ending. From forming team 7  till the end, if there is one thing that hasn’t changed, is their differing opinion and rivalry. Both of them knew pain in their own way and dealt with it in their way. Even though Sasuke took a different path, nobody can blame him. Naruto on the other hand, is always chasing Sasuke and even in the end, Sasuke doesn’t find meaning and ends up fighting with Naruto. But Naruto finally succeeds in bringing back Sasuke to the village. This teaches us two things, 1) Never give up on your friends 2) No matter what the difficulty, learn to overcome it instead of dodging them. I have nothing more to say, I hope you enjoy the Naruto vs Sasuke Tribute.

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