Naruto vs Kawaki: How did Kawaki defeat Naruto?

Naruto vs Kawaki: Ninjutsu battles!

This is where things get really tricky. In one of our previous posts,we pointed out to the flaws that Naruto had, one of them being Naruto using the same techniques over and over to defeat others.

Other than Rasenshuriken, Kagebunshin and Biiju bombs, we haven’t seen much techniques from Naruto. Can he use sealing techniques? Can he combine different styles? We don’t know that for sure.

Let’s take the Biiju bomb for example, it’s an incredibly powerful technique with a big side effect. Not only does it destroy the opponent but it destroys the surrounding as well. It’s a double edged sword. The destroyed Konoha, which is shown at the start of the series is probably due to the fact that the battle took place inside the country or Kawaki might have done this.

If Naruto used the Biiju bomb, how did he counter him? Kawaki most probably can absorb ninjutsu as well as chakra making Naruto powerless. Also, just like Jiraiya Kawaki is seen sporting a tattoo, it probably is the answer to the enormous amount of chakra that we assumed.

Last but not the least: Experience

You can learn hundreds of jutsus but there’s no point in it if you don’t know how to use it in battle. When it comes to battles and wars, the one key factor that triumphs over many is experience. It might not be the first time Kawaki is battling someone. He might have even defeated other people on other planets giving him a vast battle experience to fight a guy like Naruto.

The Missing piece…

Where the hell was Sasuke when Naruto was fighting Kawaki? The most probably answer to this question is Sasuke might’ve been in another dimension investigating Kaguya’s remains or fighting another foe simultaneously as two might prove too much for Kawaki.

This is my theory. You can accept, criticize as well as give suggestions. If you have a theory, then make sure you mention it in the comments section below.






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