Naruto vs Kawaki: How did Kawaki defeat Naruto?

Naruto vs Kawaki: The Chakra

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Space time ninjutsu is one thing, but to pull it off you need enormous amounts of chakra. The Amenotejikara enabled an user to move swiftly, but it came with a drawback, chakra draining! To use it in full force you need to completely master it. Kawaki possesses enormous amounts of chakra. How do we know that?

First and foremost, Naruto holds all the tailed beasts inside him. He is a chakra monster. One of the ways to defeat any ninja user is by draining his chakra.Even if Naruto used powerful techniques like the Biiju bomb, there is no way that Naruto would’ve exhausted his chakra as he’s a master at senjutsu. He can deploy multiple clones at various locations to obtain chakra from the nature. Thus giving him an almost endless supply of chakra.

That brings up the question, how did Kawaki last long enough to fight a chakra monster like Naruto?

Just like the Senjutsu where the user receives chakra from the surroundings, Kawaki probably receives his energy from the stars in the outer space. Afterall, even the Otsutsuki clan isn’t human, they’re from outer space. This is one possibility.

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