Naruto vs Kawaki: How did Kawaki defeat Naruto?

Boruto begins with a foreboding introduction, showing Konoha in a pathetic state. Boruto, who’s much older now is seen fighting Kawaki, a tattooed boy with a sword. Kawaki is totally determined to destroy Konoha, but will he be able to? We don’t know that for sure, but how in the world did Kawaki defeat Naruto? As Kawaki provokingly tells Boruto

I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage” 

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That brings up a new question. Just how strong is Kawaki? Afterall he came back unscathed after fighting the legendary Hokage. He’s one of those characters with whom even the most powerful can fight only death battles, but Kawaki managed to come back alive and put Konoha on knees. To beat someone of Naruto’s caliber you need to master your skills, kekkei genkai and be over the top in every level. Let’s theorize on how Kawaki defeated Naruto. PS- It’s all based on the assumption that Kawaki defeated Naruto.

Kawaki vs Naruto : The Speed

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The Amenotejikara is a space time ninjutsu used by Sasuke Uchiha after he obtained the rinnegan. It allows the user to launch surprise attacks against the enemies. To add to that, it has the psychological effect of throwing opponents off guard by confusing them. It is due to this technique that Sasuke was able to return to the same dimension as Naruto while fighting Kaguya. While Sasuke is able to use his eyes, Naruto is incredible fast putting the raikage to shame when he was just 16 years old. If Kawaki beat Naruto then there’s a chance that Kawaki can use a highly powerful space time ninjutsu which enables him to move on par with Naruto or maybe faster than him.

Speed is one hell of a factor when it comes to high level battles, even a 0.001s difference can change lot of things.

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