29 Kickass Naruto Quotes Wallpaper To Kickstart Your Day!

Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war.

Madara Uchiha quotes

Talking about peace, whilst spilling blood, it’s something only humans can do.

Madara Uchiha quotes

 Uchiha Madara quotes on life

I’d be lying if I said things are going according to my plan. But beggars can’t  be choosers, right?”

Madara Uchiha quotes

 Madara Uchiha quotes on love and feelings.

People cannot show each other their true feelings. Fear, suspicion, and resentment never subside.

 Madara Uchiha quotes on life and reality

Wake up to reality! Nothing ever goes as planned in this world. The longer you live, the more you realize that in this reality only pain, suffering and futility exist.”

Madara Uchiha quotes

 Madara Uchiha quote on pain, love and hatred.

In this world, wherever there is light there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists. There must also be losers, the selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars. Peaces cause wars , and hatred is born to protect love.


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