7 Pain Quotes That Will Change The Perspective Of Your Life

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#3 Pain Quote on understanding others to Naruto

Do you understand Pain a little now?

If you don’t share someone’s pain you can never understand them.

Naruto was asked this question when he beaten to death by Pain.

It also took place at the moment when Naruto questioned Jiraiya’s killing.

Naruto was asked this question, after Pain inserted rods onto his body. His legs and hands couldn’t move even if he wanted to. On top of that Naruto was left speechless by pain.

Naruto had no answer to pain’s question. That was the moment he announced himself to the entire shinobi world. 

The moment he became the most badass villain. The moment he gained the respect of every single otaku who hated him up until point. The moment he got us thinking if all of Naruto’s beliefs were actually pointless. For me personally, this was the single most badass quote in the series. Where the hero couldn’t answer one simple question.

naruto pain quotes

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