7 Pain Quotes That Will Change The Perspective Of Your Life

#2  Nagato Quotes About Hatred

Sometimes you must hurt in order to know.

Fall in order to grow.

Lose in order to gain.

Because life’s greatest lessons are learnt through pain.

This is also one of the deepest quotes in the entire series. I hope you like this edit, as it was made with great enthusiasm. With that being said, this is one quote that resonates with every single one of us. The ones who have experienced failure. The ones who knew pain. The ones who knew what it feels like to grow in pain.

Pain used this quote as an embodiment for all his actions. He knew pain at a very young age. Losing both of his parents to war. But Yahiko gave him hope. The will to continue. The will to live. And he took responsibility for all of Nagato’s action who was scared of himself. By enveloping himself in Yahiko’s body, his message was clear.

I”m going to full fill Yahiko’s wish by all means. Even if it is through PAIN.

naruto pain quotes

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