9 F*cking flaws in Naruto which were overlooked!


When I first started watching Naruto, I was in love with the show. Epic characters, wonderful plot and the amazing music.

But as time passed, especially the ending it was fully foiled.

  • Everyone has a fu**king past, c’mon. They even foiled Orochimaru who was a true villain.
  • In the first season, Neji was as stronger than Naruto and Sasuke,but in Shippuden he turns out be an average Jonin. Kishi, seriously though, what do you have against Neji?

Too many fillers, while there were good parts(Itachi’s arc) , there were horrible

ones too, like Hayato’s killing was streched to f*king 22 episodes in shippuden.

In the end, they reinvented the villain by bringing Kaguya out of nowhere. We all loved Madara, but making him look like a sidekick and bringing in this bitch who doesn’t do shit other than jumping from one time-space to another, it wasn’t fair.

All the powerful beings were from the hidden leaf, why?

No mention of tensigen even though it had the same amount of historical significance as Sharingan.

Every problem can be traced back to Uchiha and sharingan.

How the fuck did Danzo take Shisui’s eyes so easily? C’mon, shisui has the most powerful genjutsu ever, Kotoamatsukami.

I can go on and on, regardless it was a wonderful show. Wanna add more? Drop it in the comments, I’ll add it for ya.

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