22 Narcos Mexico Quotes Absolutely Worth Sharing!

Narcos Mexico Quotes Season 1

  1. I am afraid of panic. Turns out it’s bad for business.
  2. Business is changing and we must change with it.
  3. Those men sitting in Mexico City might be done with me, but I’m not done with them.
  4. There is no stronger bond than that of the family you choose.
  5. The wheels of bureaucracy tend to move at their own speed.
  6. Even in sin, you can still be a saint.
  7. What do you do when your drug protection decides to sit on the sidelines? Easy. You buy more.
  8. No. Hippos don’t like Mexicans either.

Narcos Mexico Quotes Season 2

  1. We have to control this f***ing world, or it will control you. And if you don’t protect yourself, it makes a mess and breaks you.
  2. You want to hurt these guys, we gotta take down the ones calling the shots.
  3. Let’s have a toast. For the hits life throws our way. With time, they’re what make you stronger, young man
  4. So how do you take down a crook who’s at the top of his game? Who has every cop in town in his pocket? Well, you hold your breath and you hope you get lucky.
  5. When I look at something, I don’t see it for what it is, I see it for what it could be. When I look at something, I see the future, I see how it ends.
  6. Shoot me and tomorrow those names are released. But save a bullet for yourself. ‘Cause the system doesn’t like heroes.
  7. When things go well, people start thinking it’s because they’re so fucking smart.
  8. The number two guy doesn’t solve problems. He just points them out.
  9. Best way to catch the smart ones? Get an idiot working for them.

These were my favorite shows from Narcos Mexico. What’s your favorite quote from Narcos?

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