Will Naked Director Season 2 Release?

Naked Director Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has been bringing new originals to the Asian market for quite some time now. Korea, India, and now Japan finally has a spicy original we can binge this weekend. Naked Director based on Nobuhiro Motohashi’s journalism about the career of Toru Muranishi, is about the Adult industry of Japan in the early 80’s.

For those of you out of the loop, here’s a quick intro. Muranishi is churning millions and starts pushing the boundaries of porn, with exponential growth every month.

But as he climbs the ladder of success, he draws the attention of detective Lily Franky who along with Ryo Ishibashi ( his rival ) plot his destruction.

But Muranishi isn’t giving up anytime soon, as he targets new audiences and finds more ways to make money. The series is similar to Narcos, in the sense that, instead of drugs the focus is more on sex.

Will Naked Director Season 2 Release?

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