Will My First First Love Season 2 Release ?

My First First Love Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has been pumping out new shows targeted towards the Asian audience for quite some time. They released Memories of the Alhambra at the end of the November last year, then came Kingdom in January, Romance is a bonus book a month later and finally My first first love this month. They are on a roll.

The story begins when three of Yoon Tae-Oh’s friends move into his home as they have no other place to go. Coincidence? maybe yes. Things change as they need to adjust to each other’s quirks and behaviors.

It is similar to friends to some extent considering the fact that all of them lived nearby and were navigating their twenties.

My First First Love Season 2 Netflix Release Date

For fans of korean drama, this is good news. As we can expect to see more drama on a regular basis. My first first love is the latest slice of life drama among many others. The series ends on a cliffhanger. Which brings us to the question, will my first first love season 2 release?

As of now there has been no news on another season of the drama. But let’s hope that we get another season as the drama certainly demands one. The characters are amazing, the show has a beautiful plot and not to forget the weirdness.

But whether the show gets another season or not depends on lots of things like the number of people watching, popularity and more. So, let’s hope that the drama gets popular and we get another season as there is certainly room for more.

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