Mr Sunshine Quotes

Motivational Mr Sun Quotes

The mountains in Joseon belongs to the king, but most of the land in this country belongs to me.Good to know. That means I can bury you anywhere. 

Yesterday seemed like a distant past, today felt unfamiliar and tomorrow was terrifying. It was a time of turbulence. All of us, each in their own way, were living through the rapidly changing Joseon.

The article one wrote instead of a will. Opium that burned through one’s broken body in the amount of the life he had left.

The Korean flag that was given to a man who was forever a foreigner. It was a hot summer night that blossomed a friendship which didn’t exist before. 

If life is a flower designed to wither, I wish for mine to bloom like fireworks.And after stumbling through the years I thought I found you, just to see you fading out into the night.

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