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I burned so long, so quiet. You must have wondered if I loved you back. I did. I did. I do.

This has nothing to do with them. This is a decision I made on my own. I have trained to the point where I don’t need a shield. I don’t intend to use him as one in anyway. For as long as I live, I just wish to give him my heart.

We may have taken different paths, but it was our destiny to end up together. 

“Can you slice a flower petal exactly in half?”

“I could cut you in half.

“Horizontally or vertically?”

“I am so sorry. You broke that expensive thing for me. I am truly sorry, my lady.”

“It’s just a saucer, we can buy another one. You’re more important to me.”

“But my lady…”

“If anyone tries to harm or take advantage of you, bite that person instead of breaking into tears. Okay?”

mr sunshine quotes

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