Mr Sunshine Quotes

Mr Sunshine Quotes Kdrama

1.Forget you life as Lee Yang-Hwa, and stop living as Hina Kudo. Carry makeup in your purse instead of a gun.  In your room, hang a beautiful painting instead of your fencing sword. Meet a good man and just buy yourself dresses that are as beautiful as you. Don’t cry and don’t bite. Just dream of living such a normal life.

2.Because I’m not a good man. I’m a bad guy. Bad guys tend to die first. That way, the good can live longer.

“The moment you fire a gun, your location will be revealed. What should your next move be?”

“Do I shoot again?”

“No, you run.”

3. When their paths crossed, others would get startled, steered away and even spit on him. Even forceful beating would feel less hurtful. His being was worth less than cows and pigs. That was Dong Mae.

4. I read from the newspaper that we are living in the romantic era now. Maybe it is true. Those who have accepted the Western culture enjoy coffee, wear clothes from France, and get excited by imported goods. I am no different. But my romance lies in the muzzle of a German rifle.

Mr Sunshine Quotes

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