Owarimonogatari 2 has aired and it’s, as of right now, the final installment of the Monogatari anime.

Shaft has been animating NisioIsin’s occult-detective light novel series since 2009. At its core, Monogatari is about Koyomi Araragi solving various supernatural cases for various girls he comes into contact with. The series is known for clever dialogue, well-written characters, avant-garde animation techniques, and a dash of fanservice.

Even the fanservice is “avant-garde.”

The animation adaptation is now complete until Shaft announces plans to adapt Zokuowarimonogatari, which is not guaranteed. You know what that means? Fans can finally attempt to watch the series in chronological order!

Here is the Monogatari watch order episode by episode if you want to attempt this. We’ve provided brief synopses for each arc, so beware of minor spoilers.

Kizumonogatari (Movies 1 – 3)

Kizumonogatari tells the story of Koyomi Araragi’s encounter with the vampire Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade. The movies tell how Koyomi turned into a vampire and desire to become human again, as well as first meetings with Meme Oshino and Tsubasa Hanekawa.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 1; Koyomi Stone)

Koyomi and Tsubasa talk about a mysterious stone that is within their school

Nekomonogatari Black (Episodes 1-4; Tsubasa Family)

While on his way to the bookstore, Koyomi notices Tsubasa wearing a bandage on her face. She assures Koyomi that he shouldn’t be concerned, and moments later, the pair witness a white cat killed by a car. They bury the cat, but it’s revealed to be an apparition that possesses Tsubasa.

Bakemonogatari (Episodes 1-2; Hitagi Crab)

In a chance encounter, Koyomi meets the virtually weightless Hitagi Senjougahara. She confronts Koyomi about keeping her condition a secret, but he instead proposes to introduce her to Meme, who is a person that specializes in supernatural events.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 2; Koyomi Flower)

Hitagi and Koyomi investigate the appearances of flower bouquets on the school roof, which is an off-limits area.

Bakemonogatari (Episodes 3-5; Mayoi Snail)

Koyomi leaves the house on Mother’s Day despite protest from his sister Karen. While at the park, he meets Hitagi, who promises to repay him for helping her turn back to normal. Before leaving, Koyomi meets an elementary school girl named Mayoi Hachikuji and decides to help her find her way home.

Bakemonogatari (Episodes 6-8; Suruga Monkey)

With exams closing in, Koyomi makes plans to have a study session with Hitagi. He also meets a tomboyish girl named Kanbaru Suruga, who has a bandaged right arm. While walking to Hitagi’s home to study, Koyomi is attacked by a mysterious stranger in a yellow raincoat.

Bakemonogatari (Episodes 9-10; Nadeko Snake)

Nadeko visits the Kita-Shirahebi Shrine and sacrifices live white snakes in an attempt to lift a curse. Her actions interest Koyomi and trigger his curiosity in Nadeko’s curse.

Bakemonogatari (Episodes 11-15; Tsubasa Cat)

Koyomi spends the first day of Golden Week walking across town with Tsubasa. During the walk, Tsubasa talks about her troubled family relationship, which shocks and upsets Koyomi.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 3; Koyomi Sand)

Hachikuji and Koyomi investigate a strange sandbox that always forms the face of a demon.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 4; Koyomi Water)

Koyomi, Suruga, and Hitagi look into the myth about the water used in Suruga’s house.

Nisemonogatari (Episodes 1-7; Karen Bee)

Koyomi finds himself as a prisoner, but he has no knowledge about how it came to be. The key lay in Hitagi’s past and is somehow connected to the con artist Kaiki Deishuu.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 5; Koyomi Wind)

Koyomi and Nadeko wonder how Kaiki is so easily able to spread rumors.

Nisemonogatari (Episodes 8-11; Tsukihi Phoenix)

Koyomi meets a pair of strange women who know a lot about him and his friends. He couldn’t predict the ramifications of their appearance, and now his sister Tsukihi’s life is at risk.

Monogatari Second Season (Episodes 7-10; Mayoi Jiangshi)

Koyomi and Shinobu go 11 years back in time. In their adventure, Koyomi makes a decision that changes future events. Upon returning to the current time, Koyomi and Shinobu find the world has changed drastically due to an emotional decision made by Koyomi.

Monogatari Second Season (Episodes 17-20; Shinobu Time)

After his time-traveling adventure, Koyomi decides to have a talk with Mayoi. When they get to Koyomi’s house, they find themselves running away from a mysterious darkness.

Monogatari Season Season (Episodes 1-5; Tsubasa Tiger)

Months after her last time turning into Hanekawa Black, Tsubasa finds an oddity in the shape of a white tiger. The tiger burns down buildings that Tsubasa has slept in the night before. She and her friends try to discover why the tiger has appeared and haunts Tsubasa.

Owarimonogatari (Episodes 8-12; Shinobu Mail)

Koyomi and Shinobu’s pairing still hasn’t recovered and Shinobu is still missing. Despite this, Koyomi reluctantly meets Kanbaru on the roof of an abandoned cram school building. Their meeting is cut short when a figure in samurai armor appears and demands the “Kokorowatari” back from Kiss-shot.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 6; Koyomi Tree)

Koyomi and Karen investigate the appearance of a particular tree that was found in Karen’s dojo.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 7; Koyomi Tea)

Tsuki and Koyomi discuss a rumor about a ghost residing in Tsuki’s club.

Owarimonogatari (Episodes 1-2; Ougi Formula)

Koyomi finds himself stuck in a “locked room” mystery with transfer student Ougi Oshino. In order to escape the room, Koyomi must face a painful memory.

Owarimonogatari (Episodes 3-4; Sodachi Riddle)

After two years of home schooling, Sodachi returns to Naoetsu Private High School, which triggers a reunion with Koyomi and Hitagi. Meanwhile, Koyomi and Ougi begin their journey to revisit Koyomi’s past.

Owarimonogatari (Episodes 5-7; Sodachi Lost)

Koyomi and Tsubasa try to fulfill Sodachi’s request of looking for her missing mother. With no clues, the two have to rely on Ougi to uncover the truth behind Sodachi’s missing mother.

Monogatari Second Season (Episodes 12-15; Nadeko Medusa)

After being relieved of her curse, Nadeko faces several issues, which includes her tendency to victimize herself. However, the aftermath of Kaiki’s swindling in her school leads Nadeko to meet another snake-like entity.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 8; Koyomi Mountain)

Koyomi and Ougi talk about the balance issues the Kitashirahebi shrine is facing. During their discussion, Ougi gives Koyomi a “quiz” to solve.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 9; Koyomi Torus)

Koyomi and Shinobu play a game of donut hide-and-seek.

Monogatari Second Season (Episodes 21-26; Hitagi End)

After having his previous cons foiled by Koyomi and Hitagi, Kaiki is surprised to receive a request from Hitagi.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 10; Koyomi Seed)

Yotsugi contacts Koyomi with the goal of helping him find something with no description.

Tsukimonogatari (Episodes 1-4; Yotsugi Doll)

A month before college exams, Koyomi notices he doesn’t have a reflection. Fearing that he is turning back into a full-fledged vampire, he contacts Yozuru Kagenui and Ononoki Yotsugi for help.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 11; Koyomi Nothing)

Koyomi tries to spar with Kagenui in order to learn how to fight without using his vampire powers. He’s surprised to learn that she goes missing the next day.

Koyomimonogatari (Episode 12; Koyomi Dead)

On the day of his entrance exam, Koyomi visits the shrine that Kagenui went missing at. He confronts Gaen, who kills him with the Kokorowatari, and wakes to find Mayoi looking down at him.

Owarimonogatari 2 (Episode 1; Mayoi Hell)

Koyomi heads to school to take his college entrance exam, but he decides to take a small detour to visit Kitashirahebi Shrine. Kagenui has been missing for a month and she was last seen at the shrine. Koyomi is surprised to see Hachikuji there, but he learns that he is in the lowest level of Hell.

Owarimonogatari 2 (Episode 2; Hitagi Rendezvous)

After finishing his college exam, Koyomi sees Hitagi waiting for him outside his house. She reveals she wants to go on a date with him to make up for not spending time with him lately.

Owarimonogatari 2 (Episode 3; Ougi Dark)

Koyomi and Yotsugi go to Shirohebi Park to meet Gaen, Shinobu, and Hachikuji. While there, Gaen reveals her final plan to fight Ougi.

Hanamonogatari (Episodes 1-5; Suruga Devil)

Suruga is now a third-year student, and all of her upperclassmen friends have graduated. Rumors have spread that a mysterious “devil” has been solving peoples’ problems. After investigating this rumor, Suruga is surprised to find her Rainy Devil arm has gone missing.

Boy, now that is a lot of episodes to keep track off! The chronological order does have some pros and cons to it. Its biggest positive is that the story is less confusing to viewers, but only if you’re willing to jump around with the episode list.

Of course, the biggest flaw is that you lose out on a lot of the mystery elements since Monogatari is intentionally told out of order. For that reason, a chronological viewing is probably best for re-watching the series.

Since Owarimonogatari is finished, it’s implied that Shaft may be done with the series since they haven’t talked about plans for adapting Zokuowarimonogatari. If that’s true, first-time viewers may want to watch using this order:

  • Bakemonogatari
  • Kizumonogatari
  • Nekomongatari
  • Nisemonogatari
  • Monogatari Second Season
  • Tsukimonogatari
  • Owarimonogatari
  • Koyomonogatari
  • Owarimonogatari 2
  • Hanamonogatari


It’s a semi-chronological order, and most fans agree that it’s the best way to watch the series.

What’s your favorite Monogatari watch order? Additionally, you can refer to Monogatari watch order reddit.