Money Heist Season 4 Quotes

Professor Money Heist Quotes Season 4

Professor is the smartest of the bunch. There’s a reason everyone calls him the professor.

The mastermind. The genius behind every single operation. And that’s why we all love him. But there’s another side of him.

The side that brings people together. The side that can get the best out of anybody. If we had to categorize based on personality types he would definitely fit the INTJ profile. That’s how badass he was .

With that, he used the following quote to inspire as well as reduce violence.

The second any blood is shed, we’ll no longer be Robinhood. But a bunch of plain M** punks.

Professor was an idealist. He expected perfection in everything. He didn’t want anybody to get hurt either. And that’s why he said this, but things change in the end. Despite his best efforts.

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